Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beta M F's...Beta.

So i've signed up for a Beta account and I really like using that more than the basic Blogger so thats where i'll be from now on folks. Come join me, it's nice and shiny there.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

To Cell or not to Cell....

I'm thinking of getting a cell...

Everything in me is screaming like a toddler who isn't given a cookie not to do it.

I've worked for an American Cell Phone company for 6 months when I was younger, and I know that cell phones suck. up. money.

But, I also recognise the neccesity for them in this day. I know how much you need to be in reach of people these day to be succesful and i'll need one eventually. I need one for this weekend (going to the sunny beaches of Toronto with Ashley Olsen of O-Town, I mean my cousin Adam this weekend for the back-end of Jazz Fest.) So why not get one now?

It's a pickle. A juicy, sour, crisp pickle..on the side of a smoked meat on rye sandwich...that kind of pickle...i'm hungry.

If I get one, I don't need to have a phone-phone in Ottawa, but if I live with a house that has a phone then why get one?

Because of phone messages, I can turn it off if I dont want to be disturbed...hey thats a good angle. I hate them because they invade your privacy but if I choose when I want my privacy invaded then thats allright.

Well..I geuss i'm gonna get one..but i'm guarding the number like a damn insiders trading tip.

Ok, thats it for now. Go to Digg, it will make you smarter.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Leo Laporte posts his thoughts on the "Digg vs Netscape" controversy

From Leo's blog: "The question is, do the top 10 contributors on a social networking site determine its success or failure? Of course not... Digg is what it is because of the entire community that participates there... Losing any 10 contributors would make no difference at all"

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

'of a heart i'd like to mention'

That was the lyric that played as I was thinkinh of what to title this post.

So, I got to party a little with my good friend and 'homey' Miss Rebecca Marshall. When I got to the house I was meeting miss Reb at I asked if 'Rebecca was here' and the girl at the door looked at me like a freak (to be fair I would do the same to some wierd guys on my doorstep) but when I mentioned her last name Marshall, instant recognition. I've found it only true in novels that people are known only by there last name, but not in this case. Rebecca is known to everyone as Marshall, I call her Rebecca. Why? It's just something to keep me apart from the masses, and...it's her name.

Anyways the night came to an end early for my liking but circumstances warrented it. Mainly the arrival at Stages unknowingly to me. That ends a night for me.

So I wont be posting many pictures on here anymore because i've found a great site over on fotologue.jp and that link on the sideboard liks ot my galley there and all my pictures I liek are on there and the layout is really great so I suggest you all check it out and make an account.

But, I've hit my monthly limit so here's the one picture that I got out of the night, it's fuzzy and wierd but I like how it came out.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Strangest and most Expensive keyboard but is worth every penny

The $ 490 Maltron keyboard is made such that you use all your 10 fingers instead of 8 on a conventional keyboard thus boosting your typing speed by 20 %. Due to its unique key positioning it helps prevent RSI (repetitive stress injuries).

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Firefox Beta 2.0 to be Released Tommorrow

Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) can be downloaded from Mozilla's FTP site, although the official Beta 1 won't be released until July 11, according to notes published by the open-source developer.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Hotness

Allright, i'm starting in on the new blog style so it'll go through ALOT of changes for the next little while. So bear with it, and keep checking back it'll be all over the place.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tweak XP for gaming

here are some GREAT tips on how to tweak Windows XP for video gaming.

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BRB Ver. 3.0 coming out soon!

So as you all know and have made it painfully clear (lookin at you Elle) I havent really been around and posting as much as I should.

Reason for this is I ran out of juice real quick, and it became a derivitive breakdown of 'what I did today' (said in whiny-bitch) voice. And thats F-in lame.

So i'm gonna re-launch...again...

This time I want some mother-freakin help! If you wanna write on this, just let me know i'll set up some permissions for you and you can post away. I'm gonna re-do the look again, keep it notebooky but a little more refined, and hopefully, way cooler...

Let's see what else, oh yeah! Digg.com. Digg.com is a site I found via it's podcast Diggnation on iTunes (man I want a Mac) it's a tech/science/pop culture/video news site that you can 'digg' the stories you like, the more digg's a story gets the more coverage it gets and more people look at it. You can have 'friends' and what not and read stories your friends are digging, and the podcast is so fucking hilarious the two dudes who founded and help run the site, dirnk beer and talk about some of the top stories each week and promptly during I laugh until I pee.

More importantly, you can post articles you like on your (this) blog, with astounding ease. So that'll make sure there's new content on here whenever you check it. Unless youre a freak.

Also, since this is gonna (maybe, not really) encourage community efforts more, i've set up an account on MediaMax (http://mediamax.streamload.com/Brands/MediaMax/home/home.aspx)
for ere'body, i've got some photo's up there. You just login and post some in that account and we can all have a bunch a cool shit. I'll link it in the new links bar thing.

Relevent info:
website (again):http://mediamax.streamload.com/Brands/MediaMax/home/home.aspx
login: gotakeawalk
password: aluminumfalcon (all one word) if you dont get that reference, type Robot Chicken Star Wars into google...

just make sure you create a new album or folder for new content, that way it's organized and shit.

So what else? Someone should buy me that new student Mac for $900 cause I freakin want iLife and a Mac, PC's have pissed me off so much, I dont game enough for it to matter that way, and I think i'm just gonna get a DS Lite and do my gaming on that (New Super Mario and Brainage man...eff yeah)

Ok thats it for now folks, thanks for waiting for me, I told you i'd be back at it eventually. and if you didn't wait...you'll be back...I see you...

Apple Introduces New iMac for Under $900 - Someone buy this for me!!

Today, Apple introduced a new iMac that only costs $899 for educational customers. The computer features a 17 in. screen, 1.83 Ghz Core Cuo, 512 mb of RAM, 80 gig hard drive, Combo Drive, and Intel integrated graphics. Looks like an awesome deal for students around the world.

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